Walenta's Custom Leather

Frequently Asked Qestions

What is the best holster? 

    This is a common question but really the question should be what is the best holster for me? Wearing a gun should be conforting not always comfortable. With that being said sometimes you have to try different models before your completely happy. There are a number of factors that can ease your decision making process and get you started on the right track. I can help with that, just give me a call on my cell at (402)890-4836  Mon-Fri 10am-6pm and I'll be happy to consult with you.

How do you break in a holster?

    When your holster arrives it will be a little tight. Please do not get your holster wet to stretch it and do not oil it. Leather will not shrink if you stretch it too much and it has already been oiled. The break in process should be gradual so you get the retention that you want. To begin stretching your new holster start by making sure your weapon is unloaded then begin by wrapping your gun in a grocery bag or the bag that it came in, and put it in the holster overnight. Continue adding grocery bags and letting it sit until you've reached your desired retention level. 
    Not all guns are created equally. Firearms even in the same category can have different dimensions for example the 1911. They may be slightly wider, have different cocking serrations etc. If you would like the holster to fit your gun exactly you're welcome to send it to me. I am a licensed FFL.  When I'm done I will ship your gun back to your FFL to complete the process. 

How do I care for my leather products that you made me?

    Very little needs to be done after you receive your product. If your product gets dirty just wipe it down with a clean cloth. If necessary you can use a SLIGHTLY damp cloth for stuck on dirt. If you would like to polish your product in most cases you can do so like a fine pair of shoes using natural polish. Do not use any type of oil or conditioner because it can make your leather too soft. If you have any questions please call me Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

Will a holster scratch the finish on my gun?

    The short answer is yes any holster will wear the finish on any firearm over time. There are things that we do to minimize this like lining the holster etc. but there is always going to be friction when you draw. If you are concerned with the finish on your gun you should leave it in the safe. A proper holster gun combination is a tool set that is made to work if necessary.

Why do I need a gunbelt?
     A good belt is essential for a comfortable and sturdy carry set up. Loaded firearms are heavy sometimes over 2lbs.  An inferior belt can cause sag, affect retention, cause back pain, and will not last long. Our belts are designed to carry the weight of your firearm, tool belt, or whatever else you can imagine hanging from them. They also have the added benefit of holding your pants up and looking great doing it!
What's the difference between a level 1 and level 2 gunbelt?
     The Level 1 gunbelt is about 1/4" thick and 1.5"wide. It is made with American tanned leather from the Herman Oak  http://hermannoakleather.com/  or Wicket and Craig tanneries http://wickett-craig.com/    bonded together and sewn using bonded nylon thread.
    The Level 2 gunbelt features everything from above but incorporates a polyester stiffener with a break strength of 3000lbs that is bonded between the pieces of leather and runs the entire length of the belt.
Tell me about your warranty.
     I stand behind my products, it's why I chose to use my family name for my company. My products are meant to last. I offer a limited 1 year warranty on all my work. With that being said leather is a natural and therefor perishable product. I warranty work on a piece by piece basis for as long as you own the product. What this means is if your product has failed due to craftsmanship I will always warranty it. If your product is damaged from wear or abuse I will repair or replace it, sometimes at a nominal fee. This is determined by me when I have hands on the product.
     All warranty returns must be pre-approved by Walenta's Custom Leather to be accepted. Once we recieve your item we will evaluate the problem and repair or replace the product at our discresion. If your item is out of warranty please feel free to call or email us we appreciate your business and might be able to still help you for a nominal fee. Warranties are not transferable.