Walenta's Custom Leather
Stylish, Rugged, Durable

Belt Perfection

     Why do we say "belt perfection"? Well it's because we strive for nothing less. Our goal is to make the strongest, most comforable, longest lasting belt for our clients that we can make. We back that up with a limited warranty on every belt we produce. We start with the finest American tanned leather and cut from the strongest parts of the hide. We bond two pieces of leather together to create a tough base to work from. We then groove the leather so the thread won't wear out and stitch the two pieces together. We polish the edge to a mirror shine, then we use the best American made hardware we can find and create the most luxurious gunbelts on the market.
  1. Stacked belt perfection
    Stacked belt perfection
  2. Level 1 belt
    Level 1 belt
  3. Caiman Crocodile
    Caiman Crocodile
  4. Just over 1/4" thick
    Just over 1/4" thick